Kuninkuusravit - The Finnhorse Coronation Trot in Kuopio 27th – 28th July 2013


The Coronation Trot is the greatest horse racing event in Finland. The best finnish horse stallions and mares take part in the famous race: 12 stallions compete for the Trotting kingship and 12 mares for becoming the Trotting Queen. The hard and demanding competition takes two days.


On Saturday the horses compete on 2100 meters and on Sunday they run first a speedy mile race and finally at the end of the day the horses show their stamina in a 3100 meters stayer race. The winner is the horse that achieves the best total time.


Only Finnhorses that are registered mares and stallions are allowed to take part in the Coronation Trot competition. However, there are many other exciting races during the weekend such as the Trotting Prince-race for 4-year-old Finnhorses.


It is every horse trainers and owner’s dream to take part and win in the Coronation Trot-race!


Great sports – great atmonsphere


The Coronation Trot is the highlight of the year for Finnish trotting enthusiasts. It is the biggest event of the trotting season in Finland attracting over 50 000 spectators during one weekend in July each year. Magical atmosphere, thrilling races, great fun and big prizes attract thousands of people year after year.


The Coronation Trot is one of the largest summer events in F. It has something to offer for everyone, from toddlers to grannies. Between the races you can enjoy tasty food and refreshing beverages and on Saturday evening there will a party in the Kuopio harbor near the town center.


All trotting fans, professionals, enthusiast and eager newcomers make the event into a great party  - something that you will never forget and can’t wait to experience again !


Kuopio – The 82nd Coronation Trot


This year the Coronation Trot is arranged for the 82nd time.  Kuopio has arranged the event four times earlier: in 1959, 1967 ,1982 and 1998.


Kuopio is a beautiful real Finnish summer town. www.kuopio.fi




Sorsasalo horse track is situated approximately 8 km north form the town center.


Tickets: Coronation Trot tickets are on sale. The two-day ticket costs 40€. The ticket sales are operated by www.lipputoimisto.fi


During the Coronation Trot -weekend non-stop-busses will run between the town center and the Coronation trot area in Sorsasalo.


Hotels and other forms of accommodation can be booked by contacting the Coronation Trot accommodation service:


e-mail:  myynti@saleskeskusvaraamo.fi


tel. + 358 6 822 9811


Map of the area (in Finnish) http://kuninkuusravit.kuopionravirata.fi/fi/Alueinfo.html#.UdaNERdhjXI

Kuninkuusravit in YouTube